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we ARE

Any one can sell you hardware.  At Content Aware Solutions we are aware of your content and we design solutions accordingly. We take into account your workflow, video codecs/resolutions, the amount

of data used, how many users are involved and the performance requirements.  


WE STAND OUT by excelling at the 3 E's:

EXPERTISE | We stay at the cutting edge of technology so you don't have to.  We know what works today and are aware of what's coming. 


EXPERIENCE | Our decades of experience providing content creators with solutions and support have allowed us to develop a clear understanding of the content pipeline and workflows, as well as strong manufacturer relationships. We know the key industry players and they know us. This makes for both efficient solution building and effective issues management. 


EXECUTION | Whether we are providing consulting services, evaluating your current infrastructure, helping you build an RFP or providing an end-to-end solution, Content Aware Solutions can perform these tasks professionally and efficiently.

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