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Covid-19 Update

Supporting you with innovative remote solutions through this challenging time.




To all existing and new customers,


We want to let you know that in these novel times we have your back.

Content Aware is here for you.


Orders and shipments are proceeding daily and inventory levels remain strong. We are following all Government guidelines for social distancing and sanitization, and in order to meet safety requirements, we have moved almost entirely to a remote workflow for sales and support.


Whether you are currently on the government list of essential businesses, are having your teams work remotely or are simply waiting for the mandated shutdown to lift,  we are here to assist in any way we can.


If your systems are having  issues or require updates in order to move forward with new or remote workflow, please call our support line at 416-901-2608 ext 300 or email


If you would like to discuss new remote workflow solutions, or have any sales requests please call our sales line at 416-901-2608 ext 100 or email


Manufacturers are evolving new ways to assist workflow through this ever evolving challenge. Content Aware can offer assistance with the following solutions:


  • Remote Access to existing hardware for data access, editing or VFX work

  • Moving your existing data and systems to the cloud for remote workflows

  • Backup, archive and data management to keep your data and existing work secure and accessible

  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution

  • Performing hardware and software upgrades (Tiger, Archiware P5, OS etc) and/or maintenance (disk checks, defragmentation etc)  routines on your system

  • Planning new workflow and strategies for a successful future


If you need anything let us know and we will be there.  You can reach us any time via email or phone.


From our team to yours, stay healthy and safe!


Jamie Lovekin

Founder and CEO

Content Aware Solutions Inc.

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