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Audio-Visual, Broadcast, Post-Production Solutions

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High Performance Shared Storage Solutions

With the prevalence of 4k in today's media landscape, there are many things to consider when choosing the best shared storage solution. From frame rate, to bitrate, codec and capture our team will help assess the quantity of storage your production will require and what the best shared storage environment will be for your editors. We partner with leading industry professionals to align your goals with best media practices offered today. 

HPST Solution
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Cloud and AI Solutions

Cloud-based production workflows are here and transforming the post-production landscape. Let us make sense of the challenges and opportunities presented by this emergent technology, and connect you with vendors leading the pack.

The advent of rapidly evolving AI tools can either daunt or delight. AI has the power to streamline, find efficiencies and add hours of productive time to your workflows. When combined, these two technological advances can take your team to the next level. 


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MAM and Remote Workflow Solutions

Media asset management is key to any efficient production pipeline.
Remote work is ubiquitous in today's world and requires sophisticated process design to ensure content remains accessible, secure, and easily managed by all members of the team.

These scalable systems are highly customizable and with our expert advice we can create

an integrated solution maximizing every element of your data. 


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Backup and Archiving Technology
Whether the files are active, or inactive they need to be secure and remain accessible. 
Our team will help you wade through formatting options - LTO, Nearline, Cloud - depending 
on the timing, production use, cost considerations and longevity your team requires. 

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